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?Press and hold or right-click a removable disk, and then select Format to format a removable disk as discussed in“Formatting partitions” later in this chapter. Removable disks generally are formatted with a single partition.. 4.To designate an additional recovery agent, press and hold or right-click Encrypting File System, and then tap or click Add Data Recovery Agent. This starts the Add Recovery Agent Wizard, which you can use to select a previously generated certificate that has been assigned to a user and mark it as a designated recovery certificate. Tap or click Next.. If one of the mirrored drives in a set fails, disk operations can continue. Here, when users read and write data, the data is written to the remaining disk. You need to break the mirror before you can fix it. To learn how, see“Managing RAID and recovering from failures” later in this chapter.Creating a mirror set in Disk Management. /spotfix— Allows certain types of errors to be repaired online (the default).Running Check Disk interactively. Remove-PsDrive -Name g. 9.On the Select Additional Services page, you’ll find a list of additional services found on the selected server while processing the security configuration database. Select each service that should be enabled, and clear each service that should be disabled. Selecting a service enables services required for that service. Clearing a service disables services required for that service, if they aren’t required by an enabled service. Tap or click Next.. 2.In the policy editor, access Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update.. To install networking on a computer, you must install TCP/IP networking and a network adapter. Windows Server 2012 R2 uses TCP/IP as the default

wide area network (WAN) protocol. Typically, you install networking during Windows Server 2012 R2 setup. You can also install TCP/IP networking through network connection properties.. FIGURE 8–1Use the DHCP console to create and manage DHCP server configurations.. 10.Tap or click Next. The first option you can configure is the default gateway. In the IP Address box, enter the IP address of the primary default gateway, and then tap or click Add. Repeat this process for other default gateways.. ?An 80/20 split works best when you want one server to handle most of the workload and want another server to be available as needed.. 2.Press and hold or right-click the Forward Lookup Zones node, and then tap or click New Zone. In the New Zone Wizard, tap or click Next to accept the defaults to create a primary zone integrated with AD DS. On the Active Directory Zone Replication Scope page, choose to replicate the zone throughout the forest, and then tap or click Next. On the Zone Name page, enterGlobalNamesas the zone name. Tap or click Next twice, and then tap or click Finish.. 2.On the Signing Options page, select Customize Zone Signing Parameters, and then tap or click Next.. ?Press and hold or right-click the document in the print management window, and then tap or click Properties.. When you are working with Wbadmin, you can get help on available commands:.

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