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TIPSelect the storage pool for the server you want to associate the virtual disk with and allocate storage from. For example, if you are configuring storage for CorpServer38, select a storage pool that is available to CorpServer38.. SMB 3.0 makes it possible to encrypt data being transferred over the network. You can enable SMB encryption for shares configured on NTFS and ReFS volumes. SMB encryption works only when the computer requesting data from an SMB-based share (either a standard file share or a DFS share) and the server supplying the data support SMB 3.0. Both Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 support SMB 3.0. (They have an SMB 3.0 client.). 4.The Auditing Entries list shows the users, groups, or computers whose actions you want to audit. To remove an account, select the account in the Auditing Entries list, and then tap or click Remove.. You should use the Security Configuration And Analysis snap-in to apply templates rather than the Security Templates snap-in. You can also use the Security Configuration And Analysis snap-in to compare the settings in a template to the current settings on a computer. The results of the analysis highlight areas in which the current settings don’t match those in the template. This is useful to determine whether security settings have changed over time.. 5.Tap or click OK to save your changes. You might get the Suggested Value Changes dialog box, shown in Figure 5–3. This dialog box informs you of other values that are changed to suggested values based on your setting change. For example, when you change the Account Lockout Threshold setting, Windows might also change the Account Lockout Duration and Reset Account Lockout Counter After settings, as shown in the figure.. 5.Tap or click

Next to roll back the policy to the selected server. When the wizard finishes the rollback process, tap or click Next, and then tap or click Finish.. 5.If you changed the Policy Removal option, tap or click Apply, and then tap or click the Target tab. Otherwise, just tap or click the Target tab.. ? Uninstall This Application When It Falls Out Of The Scope Of ManagementRemoves the application if it no longer applies to the user.. 2.Press and hold or right-click the scope with which you want to work, and then tap or click Properties.. 5.To prevent conflicts with previously assigned leases, you should enable address conflict detection for the next few days, as discussed in“Avoiding IP address conflicts” earlier in this chapter.. ? Network print deviceA print device that’s set up for remote access over the network. This can be a print device attached directly to a print server or a print device attached directly to the network through a network interface card (NIC).. 7.The next page lets you review the settings. When you’re ready to complete the installation, tap or click Next.. ? Changing the shared name of a printerTo change the shared name, just enter a new name in the Share Name text box, and then tap or click OK.. 2.Press and hold or right-click the Task Scheduler node, and then tap or click Create Task. This opens the Create Task dialog box.. You can also access a command prompt. This command prompt gives you access to the command-line tools available during installation in addition to these other programs:.

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