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how server side scripting works server less architecture

?Deleting volumes (except for system and boot volumes).. 2.Disks can use either the MBR or GPT partition style. Select the partition style you want to use for the disk or disks you are initializing.. Repairing a mirrored system volume to enable boot. /CvtArea: filename— Sets the name of a contiguous file in the root directory to be a placeholder for NTFS system files. 4.In the Share Name text box, enter a name for the share. This is the name of the folder to which UNIX users will connect. NFS share names must be unique for each system and can be the same as those used for standard file sharing.. You can create shadow copies only on NTFS volumes. You use the Shadow Copy feature to create automatic backups of the files in shared folders on a per-volume basis. For example, on a file server that has three NTFS volumes, each containing shared folders, you need to configure this feature for each volume separately.. The Kerberos Client Support For Claims, Compound Authentication And Kerberos Armoring policy controls whether the Kerberos client running on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 requests claims and compound authentication. The policy must be enabled for compatible Kerberos clients to request claims and compound authentication for Dynamic Access Control and Kerberos armoring. You’ll find this policy in the Administrative Templates policies for Computer Configuration under System\Kerberos.. 1.In File Explorer, open the folder containing the script or scripts you want to use.. 3.Double-tap or double-click the Windows Settings folder in the User. Software Installation policy uses either Windows Installer Packages (.msi) or ZAW Down-Level Application Packages (.zap). When you use computer

assignment, user assignment, or user publishing, you can deploy software by using Windows Installer Packages. When you use user publishing, you can deploy software by using either Windows Installer Packages or ZAW Down-Level Application Packages. With either technique, you must set file permissions on the installer package so that the appropriate computer and user accounts have read access.. When you manage Automatic Updates through Group Policy, you can set the update configuration to any of the following options:. ?Press and hold or right-click the zone you want to update, and then tap or click Properties.. ?Select the zone, and then tap or click Properties on the Action menu.. The sections that follow explain how to set commonly used printer properties. After you install a network printer, you can set its properties by following these steps:. ? Disk-based backup systemsDisk-based backup systems provide complete backup and restore solutions by using large arrays of disks to achieve high performance. High reliability can be achieved when you use redundant array of independent disks (RAID) to build in redundancy and fault tolerance. Typical disk-based backup systems use virtual library technology so that Windows perceives them as autoloader tape library systems, which makes them easier to work with. An example enterprise solution has 128 virtual drives and 16 virtual libraries per node for total storage of up to 7.5 TB per node. When fully scaled, this enterprise solution can store up to 640 TB and transfer up to 17.2 TB per hour..

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