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how server virtualization benefits disaster recovery is ubisoft server down

Adding hard drives [Картинка: pic_19.png]. Windows Server 2012 R2 supports many drive interface architectures, including. 3.On the Specify A Storage Pool Name And Subsystem page, enter a name and description of the storage pool, and then select the primordial pool with which you want to work. (Aprimordial poolis simply a group of disks managed by and available to a specific server via a storage subsystem.) Click Next.. NOTEFor FAT, FAT32, and exFAT volumes, Windows uses the legacy Check Disk. You tap or click Scan And Repair Drive to start the scan. If the scan finds errors, you might need to restart the computer to repair them.. ? Public Documents, Public Music, Public Pictures, Public VideosUsed for shared document and media files. All files placed in one of these subfolders are available to all users who log on to the computer (and to all network users if network access has been granted to the Public folder).. You can use both Computer Management and Server Manager to work with shares. You also can view current shares on a computer by enteringnet shareat a command prompt or by enteringget-smbshareat a Windows PowerShell prompt.. ? Audit Directory Service AccessTracks access to Active Directory. Events are generated any time users or computers access the directory.. You can set NTFS disk quotas on a per-volume basis. Only NTFS volumes can have disk quotas. After you configure the appropriate group policies, you can use Computer Management to set disk quotas for local and remote volumes.. When you’re ready to apply the template, press and hold or right-click the Security Configuration And Analysis node, and then tap or click Configure Computer Now. When prompted to set the error log path, tap or click OK because the default path should be sufficient. To view the configuration error log, press and hold or right-click the Security Configuration And Analysis node, and then tap or click View Log File. Note any problems, and take action as necessary.. You deploy software in three key ways:. ?Tap or click Use The Following IPv6 Address, and then enter the IPv6 address in the IPv6 Address text box. The IPv6 address you assign to the computer must not be in use anywhere else on the network.. 3.On the Server Selection page, you can choose to install roles and features on running servers or virtual hard disks. Either select a server from the server pool or select a server from the server pool on which to mount a virtual hard disk (VHD). If you are adding roles and features to a VHD, tap or click Browse and then use the Browse For Virtual Hard Disks dialog box to locate the VHD. When you are ready to continue, tap or click Next.. ?If a compatible driver is not available and you want to choose an existing driver installed on the computer, select the Use An Existing Driver On The Computer option. After you choose the appropriate driver from the selection list, tap or click Next.. [Картинка: img7f7f.jpg]. 6.Restart the server. When the system finishes startup, the Active Directory data should begin to replicate throughout the domain..