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In Disk Management, you can break a mirrored set by following these steps:. ?If one of the drives shows a status of Unreadable, you might need to rescan the drives on the system by choosing Rescan Disks from Disk Management’s Action menu. If the drive status doesn’t change, you might need to reboot the computer.. Close-SMBOpenFile -FileID 601295424973. TIPIf you select a template that you want to use as a starting point, you should go through each setting that the template applies and evaluate how the setting affects your environment. If a setting doesn’t make sense, you should modify it appropriately or delete it.. Configuring security settings for registry and file system paths. ? Grant The User Exclusive Rights ToGives users full rights to access their data in the special folder.. ? Class C networksIP addresses from to Understanding DNS [Картинка: pic_19.png]. 7.When Setup finishes installing the DNS Server role, the Installation Progress page will be updated to reflect this. Review the installation details to ensure that the installation was successful.. ? Allow Both Nonsecure And Secure Dynamic UpdatesChoose this option to allow any client to update its resource records in DNS when changes occur. Clients can be secure or nonsecure.. Set-DnsServerGlobalNameZone -ComputerNameServerName -Enable $True. ? Responsible PersonThe email address of the person in charge of the domain. The default entry ishostmasterfollowed by a period followed by your domain name, meaning If you change this entry, substitute a period in place of the @ symbol in the email address and terminate the address with a period.. Through the DNS Manager console, you can specify that the server can answer requests only on specific IP addresses. Generally, you’ll want to ensure that a DNS server has at least one IPv4 interface and one IPv6 interface.. 1.In the DNS Manager console, press and hold or right-click the server you want to configure, and then tap or click Properties.. wbadmin start recovery -version:VersionIdentifier.