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? ImportantTo highlight important concepts and issues. CHAPTER 1: Managing file systems and drives. CAUTIONBefore you try to extend a volume, be aware of several limitations. First, you can extend simple and spanned volumes only if they are formatted and the file system is NTFS. You can’t extend striped volumes, volumes that aren’t formatted, or volumes that are formatted with FAT. Additionally, you can’t extend a system or boot volume, regardless of its configuration.. DeviceNamespecifies the network drive to remove, such as:. 2.Select Export from the Quota menu to display the Export Quota Settings dialog box. Choose the save location for the file containing the quota settings, and then enter a name for the file in the File Name text box. Tap or click Save.. 1.Start the Security Configuration Wizard in Server Manager by tapping or clicking Tools, Security Configuration Wizard. When the wizard starts, tap or click Next.. 1.Press and hold or right-click the scope you want to remove from a superscope, and then tap or click Remove From Superscope.. Reserving DHCP addresses. 2.On the Signing Options page, select Sign The Zone With Parameters Of An Existing Zone. Enter the name of an existing signed zone, such, and then tap or click Next.. ? Secure OnlyEnable dynamic updates with Active Directory security. This is available only with Active Directory integration.. Using debug logging to track DNS activity. 9.If you’d like to print a test page on the printer, select the Print Test Page check box, and then tap or click Finish. Otherwise, just tap or click Finish.. Document default settings are used only when you print from applications that are not based on Windows, such as when you print from the command prompt. You can set document defaults by following these steps:. ? Microsoft Online Backup ServiceThis service is an add-on that can be downloaded and installed from within Windows Server Backup to schedule backups from a server to Microsoft’s Internet cloud-based service. Online backups are possible only for fixed NTFS volumes that don’t use BitLocker Drive Encryption. Volumes cannot be shares and must also be configured for read/write access.. NOTEYou cannot back up to tape by using Windows Server Backup. If you want to back up to tape, you need a third-party backup utility..