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Encrypting directories and files. ? New iSCSI Virtual DiskAllows you to create a new iSCSI virtual disk that is stored on the volume.. If you add the data deduplication feature to a server, you can enable data deduplication for standard volumes created for that server.. ? Drive LetterTo assign a drive letter, choose this option, and then select an available drive letter in the list provided.. You can run Check Disk from the command prompt or within other utilities. At a command prompt, you can test the integrity of the E drive by entering the following command:. /offlinescanandfix— Performs an offline scan and fix of the volume.. 6.Use the options provided to define the condition or conditions that must be met to grant access. With users and groups, set basic claims based on group membership, previously defined claim types, or both. With resource properties, define conditions for property values.. ?Delete— Successful and Failed. ? Resource Manager disk quotasResource Manager disk quotas are supported on all editions of Windows Server 2012 R2, allowing you to manage disk space usage by folder, by file type, and by volume. Users who are approaching or have exceeded a limit can be automatically notified by email. The notification system also allows for notifying administrators by email, triggering incident reporting, running commands, and logging related events.. ? System services policiesControl security and startup mode for local services. After you create a GPO for your software deployment, you should set up a distribution point. A distribution point is a shared folder that is available to the computers and users to which you are deploying software. With basic applications, you prepare the distribution point by copying the installer package file and all required application files to the share and configuring permissions so that these files can be accessed. With other applications, you may need to prepare the distribution point by performing an administrative installation to the share. The advantage of an administrative installation is that the software can be updated and redeployed through Software Installation policy.. If you’re trying to connect to a local server, select This Computer, and then tap or click OK.. to configure secondaries to lessen the load on the primary server. On a small or medium-size network, you might be able to use the name servers of your Internet service provider (ISP) as secondaries. In this case, you should contact your ISP to configure secondary DNS services for you. Alternatively, you can put your public DNS records on a dedicated, external DNS service while hosting your private DNS records entirely on your internal DNS servers.. When a DNS server hosting a signed zone receives a query, the server returns the digital signatures in addition to the requested records. A resolver or another server configured with a trust anchor for a signed zone or for a parent of a signed zone can obtain the public key of the public/private key pair and validate that the responses are authentic and have not been tampered with.. ?Be sure the printer has an IP address and proper network settings. If DHCP is configured on the network, DHCP assigns IP addresses automatically as printers connect to the network..