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Thanks to Apple’s iMac, there’s been a resurgence in all-in-one computers, a special form of desktop PC in which almost all of the components—including the CPU and “guts,” the screen, the speakers, the microphone and web camera, and all of the ports—are found in a single, generally slim and attractiveform factor. All that’s found separately from the box are the keyboard and mouse, and of course any additional external peripherals.. Setup will run normally, as described previously. There are two crucial choices to make during this process, however. First, choose the Custom install type at the appropriate screen. And then choose the right partition, of course, and not the one on which OS X is installed. This screen will be a bit messy, given the way Boot Camp laid out the disk. But the correct partition is named Bootcamp and will be roughly the size you previously configured. You will have to format it using the Advanced options before Setup can proceed.. Ditto for Metro. Microsoft refuses to name this environment, or even use the term Metro, but we’re not so shy. There are two main user experiences in Windows 8, and while one is the desktop environment we all know and love from previous Windows versions, the other is… Metro. At least that’s what we’re calling it.. Windows 8 automatically mounts both ISO and VHD files so that they become, in effect, part of the PC’s filesystem, just as with any other attached storage device. For example, when you plug a USB hard drive into your PC, it may become the E: drive, or whatever. So it is with both ISO and VHD files: Simply by opening such a file—by double-clicking it with the mouse, say—it becomes part of the filesystem and immediately picks up the next available drive letter.. Finding and Launching Applications with Search. Figure 5-13: Creating a new tile group [Картинка: i_136.jpg]. Figure 5-23: User settings [Картинка: i_146.jpg]. In fact, it’s very similar to how the Start screen works. Windows Store even supports the semantic zoom feature that’s also available in the Start screen. This feature lets you zoom out the display of the app and view it from afar, enabling you to gain a better

understanding of its layout and navigate more quickly to a specific store category.. Tap that item and the Windows Store will open and navigate to the app’s landing page.Using Pinned Websites. Accounts are added and managed in Messaging as they are in other Metro-style apps like People, Mail, and Calendar, through Settings, Accounts. Unlike other apps, however, Messaging does not support multiple Messaging or Facebook accounts: You get only one of each.. Xbox LIVE games also support a feature called leaderboards, which are ranked lists that are relevant to the individual game. In a shooter like those in theCall of Duty series, for example, there are leaderboard lists for most overall points, most overall victories, most victories per game type, and so on.. Or you could use a third-party service such as CrashPlan—which we’re both using because of its low cost and excellent performance—Carbonite, or similar.. Figure 13-17: Not-so-seamless network connectivity [Картинка: i_430.jpg]. Windows 8 also expands on the HomeGroup sharing functionality from Windows 7, by adding a new Metro-style interface. And HomeGroup-style sharing is more important than ever because of the prevalence of Microsoft account sign-ins, which makes old-school sharing schemes a bit more difficult. But if you do need to access the network resources of a PC running an older Windows PC, too, the hidden Windows Credentials feature will make that happen.. Client Hyper-V, as Microsoft calls the Windows 8 version of Hyper-V, has been added to the OS for two primary reasons. One is for software developers who need to test applications and web apps on a variety of operating system and browser combinations. The other reason is for IT pros who are managing virtualized environments using Microsoft’s enterprise virtualization tools—Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012, but also Application Virtualization (App-V) and Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V)—and want to work with virtual machines (VMs) and their Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs) locally on a PC before deploying them elsewhere in their workplace..

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