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ARM chipsets are 32-bit designs, not 64-bit, but they run much more efficiently than x86/x64 chips. So they consume less power, with resulting devices normally providing fantastic battery life, especially when compared to traditional PCs. ARM designs are so efficient that they can be used in devices as small as phones. In fact, Windows Phone handsets are based on ARM chipsets. A typical ARM chipset is shown in Figure 1-2.. The most basic of such hybrid PCs dates back to Microsoft’s first foray into Tablet PC computing in the early 2000s. This type of machine, called a convertible laptop, is essentially a laptop or Ultrabook computer in which the screen is permanently attached on a swivel. So you can use a convertible laptop like a regular laptop or Ultrabook, or you can flip the screen around and lock it over the keyboard, creating a somewhat thick tablet device in the process.. The second most common reason to run the traditional Windows Setup routine is that you’ve been using Windows for a while and your PC is starting to slow down. And what you’d like to do is back up all your settings and data, run Setup, wipe out Windows, and just reinstall it from scratch. This is called aclean install of Windows, though Microsoft for some reason refers to it as a custom install.. Figure 3-12: Settings pane [Картинка: i_052.jpg]. Flash forward a decade and Microsoft has finally realized its vision for a central notifications system in Windows. That said, Windows 8 bears little resemblance to Longhorn, and it’s not likely that many from the Longhorn era of Microsoft could have foreseen the rise in touch-based devices that necessitated the full-screen Metro experiences in this release.. The Windows 7 desktop comprises a few key items, most of which hadn’t changed at all since Windows 95. These include one or more desktop icons (with Recycle Bin being the only icon pretty much guaranteed to appear every time), an optional selection of desktop gadgets (graphical utilities that would “float” over the desktop but under any open windows; these first appeared in Windows Vista), a Start button (or Start orb, as it was officially called), a taskbar, a system tray (with white notification icons and a clock), and the Aero Peek button, which temporarily hid the on-screen windows so you could peek at the underlying desktop.. You can access the Charms bar in a variety of ways, and as a top-level interface in Windows 8, it has simple triggers for all the major input types:. Using External Storage. • Ease of Access: As you may expect, this settings group includes all of the Windows accessibility features, including Narrator, Screen Magnifier, high contrast, and so on.. Figure 5-41: The Start Screen background applied to the desktop [Картинка: i_164.jpg]. • Install: There are two reasons you might see an Install button. First, you have previously downloaded/purchased the app, so Windows Store is making it available to you now on another computer or device. Or second, the app is free.. • Active Tab(s): The majority of the tab switcher is occupied with one or more thumbnails representing the currently open browser tabs, each with its own web page loaded. You will always see at least one tab thumbnail here—representing the current page—and if you open enough tabs, a second tab thumbnail row will appear.. Like the Windows Phone app on which it is based, Calendar is aconnected calendar, one that is designed to work in concert with one or more online calendars, in this case calendars that are provided using EAS technologies. So it works with Microsoft calendars such as Hotmail Calendar and Exchange/Office 365, of course, but also calendars from other companies, such as Google Calendar.. When you purchase a TV show, you will also see different choices. There are no TV show rentals, but you can choose to purchase shows in SD or HD (when available), and you always get both download and stream availability. You can also choose to buy a Season Pass, which provides all of the episodes in the given season in a batch, including those seasons that are still in progress. You will see the same HD and SD choices as you do with movies, assuming those options are available for the title you selected.. Thanks to the integration of its previously server-only hypervisor technology, Hyper-V, Windows 8 offers the same core virtualization features as does Windows Server 2012, albeit aimed at a few core scenarios. And it doesn’t stop there: Windows 8 also includes some interesting and useful virtualization integration features that really put this version over the top..