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One of the tough decisions we had with this book concerned naming conventions. See, we think names are important. They provide a simple and obvious way to refer to the things we’re describing throughout the book. It’s nice to be able to point out a new on-screen gadget and tell you, hey, look, that’s the new thingamawhatsis or whatever.. Accessing the Windows Desktop. As with settings search results, there are no additional (right-click) options for files search results.. Figure 4-7: The Back tip is a thumbnail that indicates the previously used app in the Back stack. [Картинка: i_086.jpg] TIP. If you already have the app installed on your PC, that menu item will let you open the app instead.. The Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 should be available via its live tile on the Windows 8 Start screen, as shown in Figure 7-3.IE Metro Isn’t Always Available. You can access the Frequent list, as the list of frequently accessed sites is called, and your pinned sites—but not your Favorites—simply by selecting the address bar. This navigation list display is shown in Figure 7-11.. • Show more: Here, you can display BCC (“blind carbon copy”) and priority choices, the latter of which lets you change from the default of Normal to High or Low priority, depending on the needs of the message.. Copying Files from SkyDrive to the PC. For keyboard users, there’s a neat navigational shortcut that’s not immediately obvious. Simply tapping the arrow keys does nothing. But if you hold down the Ctrl key and then tap an arrow key, the map will navigate one-half-screen’s worth in that direction. Type Ctrl + Left Arrow, for example, will navigate a bit tothe west. (How much will depend on the current zoom level.). You can see cloud computing’s impact on Windows 8 in many places, from the new Microsoft account sign-in to the synced settings and the mobile device–like productivity apps discussed in the previous chapter. But the system’s photos and entertainment capabilities, related to digital photos, music, and video, are an interesting case. This is because Microsoft had previously spent over a decade delivering an increasingly powerful but complex series of applications and services through its Windows Media and Zune product lines, to which hundreds of millions of Windows users have grown accustomed.. But even for users of portable PCs and devices, Storage Spaces can make plenty of sense. Remember, this feature works equally well with internal and external storage, so there’s no reason you couldn’t link multiple external drives off your portable PC—or better yet, off a dock or USB port extender—and simply use the contained spaces when you’re sitting at the desk. When you’re out and about with the PC, it will still work normally. But when you’re home, orat the office, the space(s) will be available.. This approach isn’t as sophisticated as using (or linking) a Microsoft account. You’ll need to sign in a few different times, to different app groups—Microsoft considers the productivity (or what it calls “communications”) apps to be one group, for example, and the Xbox (media and games) apps to be a separate group. And you don’t get the PC-to-PC settings sync functionality that’s available with a real Microsoft account sign-in. But if you don’t have a choice—or are just really, really stubborn—this will at least let you use the built-in Metro apps to their fullest.. • No, don’t turn on sharing or connect to devices. For networks in public places.. In my defense—our defense, since Rafael is of course my willing partner in this crime against both trees and those who would safely read before going to sleep—I have always taken the position, both in my writing for the SuperSite for Windows and in theSecrets books, that Windows isn’t a standalone “thing”; it’s the center of a vast ecosystem of related and connected products and services. That is, nobody buys Windows for Windows, per se. They buy Windows because of its promise of compatibility with the hardware, software, and, increasingly, services that they use and trust..