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• Edge UIs: Touch users can utilize various edge UIs to achieve the same actions for which mouse users use hot corners. For example, if you swipe down from the upper edge of the screen (or up from the bottom edge), you will activate the current app’s (or other Metro experience’s) app bar. You can perform simple task switching via the left edge of the screen and access the Charms bar from the right edge; these interfaces are all described later in this chapter as well.. What’s New on the Windows Desktop?. If you’re not a fan of the background patterns, you can thankfully choose no pattern, which is the final square in the grid of pattern squares. What you can’t do is choose an arbitrary combination of accent and background colors. Instead, Microsoft has chosen combinations that it thinks work well together. For example, if you like a dark purple background color, your only accent color options are two shades of light purple. You’ll find that the gray backgrounds tend to have the most accent color choices for whatever reason.. To change your user account picture, navigate to PC Settings, Personalize, Account picture. Or, select Change account picture from the Start screen-based user tile in the upper-right corner of that screen. Either way, you’ll be presented with the screen in Figure 5-22.. • Metro-style apps only: Apps sold via Windows Store must bereal Windows 8 apps—that is, Metro-style apps and not traditional Windows applications. That said, Microsoft is allowing developers to list their desktop applications in Windows Store, though directing users who wish to learn more, download the application, or purchase it, to do so from the developer’s website.. While Windows Store can be accessed like any other Metro-style app, the store is also central to other Metro experiences, so you’ll find a few more entry points in Windows 8 as well. Here are some of the ways in which you can launch Windows Store:. Keyboard users can use the Winkey + I shortcut to go directly to Internet Explorer Settings.. When you activate the Messaging app bar—by right-clicking a blank area of the screen, tapping Winkey + Z, or swiping toward the center of the screen from the top or bottom edge—a few additional commands are revealed.. As this chapter ably demonstrates, Windows 8 is a productivity whirlwind, with an amazing array of Metro-style apps and traditional desktop applications that will keep you up to date, efficient, and working through any conditions. From the new Metro-style People, Mail, Calendar, Messaging, SkyDrive, Reader, and Bing offerings like Maps, Bing, Finance, News, Sports, and Weather, and more, Windows 8 includes enough in the box to keep you busy for a long, long time. Of course, Windows 8 isn’t just about work. And in the next two chapters, we’ll examine the fun side of Windows 8, examining its entertainment and game capabilities, respectively.. This unique approach displays the information about the artist or album in this new area, but it will typically require more space than the area provides. So this view also enables you to scroll within the area, vertically, to see more information. In either view, for example, you can scroll down (within this pop-up) to see more songs.. Figure 9-35: Using Add to my music to copy music from the Store to your PC [Картинка: i_327.jpg]. You can’t play games with this virtual controller. After all, it only emulates a handful of buttons and some simple navigation controls. But with the Xbox 360 being used more and more for entertainment experiences of all kinds, Xbox Companion is a great way to interact with that content on the console, and to find games, videos, music, and more.. • Sign in to app groups with a Microsoft account: There is a third approach, one that provides a more limited way to access some Microsoft account goodness, but without changing your domain or local account in any way. That is, instead of linking or switching your existing sign-in account, you can simply try to run one of the connected apps in Windows 8 and then sign in when prompted by a screen that will resemble Figure 12-3.. Boot-Time Security. But don’t worry that this book will be daunting in some way. It’s not. We used the same approachable and conversational style that we’ve always used because, well, that’s the way we do things. It’s just that adding the relevant content fromWindows 7 Secrets to this book would have necessitated a 1,500-page tome. No one wanted that. So we took what is a bold step for us. We think the book is better for it. And we hope you agree..