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If you decide that you want to expand a compressed file or directory, follow these steps:. 6.On the Specify The Provisioning Type page, select the provisioning type. Storage can be provisioned in a thin disk or a fixed disk. With thin-disk provisioning, the volume uses space from the storage pool as needed, up to the volume size. With fixed provisioning, the volume has a fixed size and uses space from the storage pool equal to the volume size. Click Next.. 5.To confirm this action, select the Check Here If You Want To Revert This Volume check box, and then tap or click Revert Now. Tap or click OK to close the Shadow Copies dialog box.. 4.To add special permissions for a user or group, tap or click Add to display the Permission Entry dialog box. Tap or click Select A Principal to display the Select User, Computer, Service Account, Or Group dialog box.. 3.On the Settings tab, you can set the template name, limit, and quota type. Current notification thresholds are listed. To modify an existing threshold, select it and then tap or click Edit. To define a new threshold, tap or click Add.. Security templates apply only to the Computer Configuration portion of Group Policy. Before you deploy security configurations in this way, you should take a close look at the domain and organizational unit (OU) structure of your organization and make changes as necessary to ensure that the security configuration is applied only to relevant types of computers. Essentially, this means that you need to create OUs for the different types of computers in your organization, and then move the computer accounts for these computers into the appropriate OUs. Afterward, you need to create and link a GPO for each of the computer OUs. For example, you could create the following computer OUs:. 5.Tap or click Next to roll back the policy to the selected server. When the wizard finishes the rollback process, tap or click Next, and then tap or click Finish.. 4.If you want to prevent users from changing settings when setting up Work Folders, select Force Automatic Setup.. By default, Windows Update runs daily at 2:00 A.M. as part of other automatic maintenance. With desktop operating systems running Windows 8 or later, Windows Update uses the computer’s power management features to wake the computer from hibernation or sleep at the scheduled update time, and then install updates. Generally, this wake-up-and-install process will occur whether the computer is on battery or AC power.. Navigating networking in Windows Server 2012 R2 [Картинка: pic_19.png]. 11.On the Authorization page, do one of the following to specify the credentials to use to authorize the DHCP server in Active Directory:. Managing the address pool, leases, and reservations [Картинка: pic_19.png]. Controlling access to DNS servers outside the organization. ?To view the syntax for a specific management command, enterwbadminCommand/?, whereCommandis the name of the management command you want to examine, such aswbadmin stop job /?.. 2.On the Advanced Options screen, tap or click Startup Settings. Next, on the Windows Startup Settings screen, tap or click Restart..