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how to make a minecraft server youtube server will have

Changing drive types. Compressing drives. ?Don’t use the disks containing the striped set for other purposes. This allows the disk to dedicate its time to the striped set.. When a storage pool has a single disk, your only option for allocating space on that disk is to create virtual disks with a simple layout. A simple layout does not protect against disk failure. If a storage pool has multiple disks, you have these additional layout options:. 3.Click Scan Drive to start the scan. If no errors are found, Windows confirms this; otherwise, if errors are found, you’ll be prompted with additional options. As with checking disks at a prompt, the way this works depends on whether you are working with a system or nonsystem volume.. FIGURE 3–2Available shares are listed in the Shared Folders node.. 4.Tap or click Customize Permissions to open the Advanced Security Settings dialog box with the Permissions tab selected.. [Картинка: img8813.jpg]. 3.Using Volume List view or Graphical View, press and hold or right-click the volume with which you want to work, and then tap or click Properties.. ? Network DiagnosticsProvides automated diagnostics to help diagnose and resolve networking problems. The following keys control the logging:. Import-DhcpServer-BackupPath d: \dhcp\backup\origconfig.dmp -File d: \dhcp\scripts\dhcpconfig.dmp. 1.In the DHCP console, expand the node for the server with which you want to work and then expand the IPv6 node.. ?User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Printers. ?Use the -authSysvol parameter to perform an authoritative restore of the SYSVOL..