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If you learn just one Metro-based user experience, it should be how to access the Charms bar, a menu of useful system-level options that is perhaps the key to mastering Windows 8. This is shown in Figure 3-11.. Why is this called“Run as administrator” when most Windows 8 users will most certainly be using an administrator account anyway? It’s just an unfortunate artifact from the past. What it really means is, “Run under an elevated security context.”. For those readers lucky enough to own a multi-touch-based device, you can use the swipe-based app switching gesture described a bit later instead. There’s no way to display the Back tip via touch.. After ensuring that the app (or desktop) you wish to have in the main view is on-screen, enable Switcher. Then, grab the app you wish to snap from the Switcher list of app thumbnails, and then pull it out of Switcher. As you do, the Snap border bar, shown in Figure 3-28, will appear. When it does, release the mouse button (or lift your finger from the screen) to snap the app.. VHD, or virtual hard disk, files are created for Microsoft’s virtualization solutions, including Hyper-V and Windows Virtual PC. These files represent a hard disk drive, and as you’ll discover in Chapter 14, they are useful in a number of scenarios, such as testing operating systems and other software, for help desk support, and for software developers.. Here are a few tips for spanning the otherwise separate worlds of Metro and the desktop.. What’s a “modern” PC? Basically, any PC that was manufactured to run Windows Vista or newer. So any PC that was made since 2006 qualifies for purposes of this discussion.. Figure 8-13: The What’s new view provides a way to easily keep up with your friends and other contacts’ activities. [Картинка: i_241.jpg]. To start a new messaging thread, click the New message link. The unique People chooser interface will appear, as shown in Figure 8-42.. Why do Windows RT devices include Office you ask? Though Windows RT looks and works much like traditional x86 versions of Windows 8, it is not compatible with traditional Windows desktop applications like Office. So Microsoft has made a special version of Office just for Windows RT, while focusing mostly on Metro-style apps going forward on that platform.. This is all a long way of saying that Windows 8’s basic photo management features haven’t changed since Windows 7.. • Using the Xbox Games app to discover Xbox 360 and Windows 8 games. A More Resilient Space: Two Disks, Two-Way Mirroring. Alternatively, you can use any other disk, including a removable, USB-based hard drive. If you have such a disk attached to the PC, File History will resemble Figure 11-15, where the other disk is preselected.. Figure 11-20: Recovery control panel [Картинка: i_388.jpg].