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how windows 10 works why windows called windows

Step-by-Step: Installing Windows 8. • Mouse: Move the mouse cursor into the very lower-right corner of the screen.. • Mouse: Move the cursor to the top-left corner of the screen. A Back tip, in thumbnail form, will appear as shown in Figure 4-7, indicating the most recently used app. Click it to navigate to that app.. To switch Metro from the primary display to a secondary display, you need to launch any Metro-style app. That is, you cannot do this from the Start screen. Once you have a Metro-style app running,“grab” the top of the app via touch or mouse—the cursor will change into a gloved hand cursor if you’re using the mouse—and then drag the app to the display you prefer.. Launching Windows Store. From here, you can configure some useful settings related to Windows Store. These include the following:. While we tend to use the term app to describe Metro-style solutions, and application for desktop solutions, this is just for convenience. Effectively speaking, both types of solutions are applications. (And, as it turns out, both are apps too!). • To: The e-mail recipient. Mail will use auto-complete as you type, comparing the name or e-mail address you’re typing with the contacts in the People app. If you’ve configured an Exchange-type account, you can also use the drop-down that appears to search your workplace’s user directory.. • Smaller/Larger: Calendar can only display

live updates when it’s set to the larger (rectangular) tile size. If you set it to the smaller (square) size, it will simply animate between static displays.. For years, Microsoft has offered a cloud storage service called SkyDrive that has offered an industry-best allotment of free online storage—7 GB most recently—but few ways to use it effectively. As a result, SkyDrive had been largely ignored by the computer-using public, while competing offerings from Apple (iCloud), Amazon (Cloud Player and Cloud Drive), and Google (Google Play and Google Drive) have grabbed all the headlines.. Using the Xbox Music App. The achievements interface lets you view your Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Games for Windows– LIVE, and Windows 8 game achievements by game or date, with the ability to sort between all achievements and unlocked achievements (those you’ve actually achieved). As you can see in Figure 10-16, as you scroll to the right, you will see that every Xbox LIVE game you’ve ever played, regardless of platform, is accounted for.. Figure 11-18: File History’s restore interface [Картинка: i_386.jpg]. Vice President and Executive Group Publisher: Richard Swadley.

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