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With Metro, it’s the content that’s emphasized, not the surrounding application user interface, orchrome. In fact, with most Metro-style designs, there is little to no chrome at all. Instead, Metro provides full-screen experiences that use every available pixel to display the app or experience. Accessory interfaces that used to be on-screen all the time, like an app bar—Metro’s all-in-one replacement for the toolbar and menu—are now hidden by default and displayed only when needed.. Application developers tried to overcome this lack of capability through several means. Many wrote customized notification schemes that could alert users when something important happened, but the sheer number of variety of these notifications was often more annoying and distracting than useful. And Microsoft even briefly pushed a new type of utility, called the Windows Gadget, which would sit on the desktop and update the user from time to time. Gadgets failed for all kinds of reasons: Full-screen applications would cover them up, they were disconnected from full-fledged Windows applications, and they were written with completely different technologies.. Figure 3-29: A full-screen notification really gets in your face. [Картинка: i_069.jpg]. Or is it?. Figure 4-15: A preview of the Charms bar appears when you mouse into one of the screen’s rightmost corners. [Картинка: i_094.jpg]. Mouse-based Charms access also works from the top-right corner of the screen. But when the transparent preview of the Charms appears, you must move down the right edge of the screen to fully activate the Charms bar.. Of the remaining two Charms, one, Share, does not work with the desktop or Windows applications at all. Instead, the Share charm is aimed solely at Metro-style apps, which use this system capability to share information with other apps. The other remaining Charm, the Start icon, can be used as a toggle for the Start screen.. There are two basic actions you can perform in this view.. Figure 8-13: The What’s new view provides a way to easily keep up with your friends and other contacts’ activities. [Картинка: i_241.jpg]. To be fair, the reason so many people believed that Windows and Office came together is that, for many, they did. Most people acquire both Windows and Office together with a new PC purchase and thus don’t draw a distinction between the two. The problem is, if you’re not paying attention at the time of that PC purchase, you may not get Office at all, or you may get a version of Office that you don’t want.. All versions of Windows 8 include Windows Media Player, which is shown in Figure 9-37. This application has historically been used as a media management system, but it hasn’t really changed since Windows 7, for better or worse.. Figure 9-49: Movie Maker helps you edit home videos and post them online. [Картинка: i_341.jpg]. When browsing through Windows Store, you’ll come across some game and app tiles that include the notation “desktop app,” as seen in Figure 10-10. This indicates that the game (or application) is for the desktop, and not the Metro environment, so you will not see a rating or price, as with Metro-style apps and games.. While a single-disk storage space has some value, the inability to add resiliency at a later date seriously hampers that kind of configuration. As far as we’re concerned, the real value of Storage Spaces begins when you have two or more disks you can use in a mirrored setup. This configuration will automatically replicate data between two disks, providing you with some measure of protection in the event of a hard disk failure.. You’re not locked into using this or any other sign-in type. You could have a password, a picture password, and a PIN all configured for the same account and then choose which to use at sign-in time..