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And within those different classes of machines are a variety of new hardware capabilities that work in tandem with Windows 8 to provide the best computing experience yet. Of course, getting there will require you to do a bit of homework first. And that’s where this chapter comes in.. Figure 1-5: All-in-one PCs utilize laptop parts but offer much more on-screen real estate. [Картинка: i_006.jpg]. For businesses and PC makers, it means that the tools and methods they use to blast Windows 8 images onto PCs will be familiar and efficient, and not require training. This, after all, is what Windows Setup was really made for anyway.. With its latest operating system, Microsoft has significantly improved the process by which you take a new or used PC and install, upgrade, or migrate to Windows 8. This procedure, called Windows Setup, now comes in a streamlined new web-based installer that bundles useful but previously separate tools for a more complete and error-free experience. But you can still install Windows 8 using the old-fashioned, media-based installer from a bootable DVD disc or USB flash drive.. With a mouse, the simplest way is to first trigger the Back tip by moving the mouse into the top-left corner of the screen. When you do, you may notice that there are in fact a number of ghost-like tile previews that run down the left edge of the screen, indicating that there are more running apps. To display Switcher, then, move the mouse down the left edge of the screen. As you do, the full Switcher interface will appear.. • Keyboard: You can’t directly access Back using the keyboard, but you can still use Windows Flip (Alt + Tab) or the new Switcher interface (Winkey + Tab), described shortly, to access recently used apps.. If you enjoy creating your own libraries, Windows 8 does have a new feature where you can customize a library’s icon to any icon in the system, offering a much more personalized look.. To switch Metro from the primary display to a secondary display, you need to launch any Metro-style app. That is, you cannot do this from the Start screen. Once you have a Metro-style app running,“grab” the top of the app via touch or mouse—the cursor will change into a gloved hand cursor if you’re using the mouse—and then drag the app to the display you prefer.. • Unpin from Start: Here, you can remove the Calendar live tile if you don’t wish to use it anymore.. To understand how this is so, compare it to the web-based view of the same SkyDrive account, which is shown in Figure 8-47. Restyled to resemble the Metro app, the SkyDrive web interface also utilizes Metro-style elements to represent folders and files, providing a more consistent experience.. In a three-way mirror, the total storage pool capacity is of the total capacity of the three drives added together, so in this example, with two 3 TB disks and one 512 GB disk, it’s roughly 6 TB. But a parity configuration, shown in Figure 11-12, is a bit different.. • Connect your Microsoft account/Disconnect your Microsoft account: Those who are signed in with a domain account (used only in corporations and other businesses) will see a button, Connect your Microsoft account, as described earlier in this chapter. If you’ve already connected your domain account to a Microsoft account, you will see a Disconnect your Microsoft account button instead.. With the move to a Metro-based infrastructure in Windows 8, many core system tasks now occur within that interface rather than in the classic desktop environment. So while many of the advanced networking features from Windows 7 are still present, largely unchanged, in Windows 8, the most frequently-needed features for connecting to and managing networks—both wired and wireless (Wi-Fi/802.11-style)—have changed.. Finally, thanks to my readers and listeners from around the world. I’ve enjoyed the conversations and hope they continue well into the future. It’s always been fun, but what makes this worthwhile isn’t the products and technologies, it’s the relationships you make along the way.—Paul. Our goal, as always, is to make you more efficient and proficient in Windows. It’s to take you from your current skill level to the next level by revealing information about this new Windows that is new—simply because Microsoft has added whatever new features and functionality—and, as important, because it is new to you. In the old days, before the pervasive online connectivity we all now enjoy, the notion of “secrets” was pretty straightforward, and you could safely assume that you’d pick up a copy of whateverSecrets book and discover unique information—often obviously called out in gratuitous “Secret” boxes—that was not available anywhere else..