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You can press Winkey + P to jump directly to the Second screen pane.. You can access the most recently used Metro app in the Back stack in the following manner:. • Touch: Swipe in from the left edge of the screen to navigate immediately to the previous app.. Start. While Microsoft is very clearly heading to a future in which increasingly sophisticated and full-featured versions of the Metro user experience will eventually squeeze out the classic Windows desktop, we’re a long way from that future. And honestly, Metro and the desktop will coexist for the foreseeable future, thanks to the over one billion PCs out there still running classic Windows applications and the vast depth of experience that users have with this environment.. Make Items Bigger. • In-app purchases: Apps can optionally offer in-app purchases, which are optional paid features.. Thanks to the dynamic nature of its new apps platform, the Metro-style apps that Microsoft includes with Windows 8/RT will change over time, so it’s highly likely that this app will appear somewhat differently over time and will include additional features. This is normal, and as a general statement, it’s probably fair to say that the version of Windows Store you use will provide a superset of the functionality we describe in this chapter.. • Social: This group contains apps related to social network services, such as Facebook and Twitter as well as blog-related apps, such as WordPress.. • Travel: Travel apps, including currency converters, guides to international locales, and hotel, airfare, and auto rentals can be found in this category.. Understanding the SkyDrive App. To find a particular location with Bing Maps, you use the system-wide Search contract functionality, available from

the Search pane. There are many ways to display this pane, but the simplest, perhaps, is to type Winkey + Q; mouse or touch users can display the Charms instead and then choose Search.. The Music group works similarly to the Videos and Games group; a Find Music tile loads the Xbox Music interface in the Metro-style Xbox Music app.Play on Xbox 360: The Xbox Companion’s Reason for Being. So select“Simple (no resiliency)” from the Resiliency type drop-down and then click the Create storage space button. Storage Spaces creates your new storage space and returns to the main Storage Spaces’ control panel view, which will have changed, as shown in Figure 11-6, to include the details about your new storage pool and the single space it contains. (Additionally, a new Explorer window will open, showing the virtual partition that represents your new space.). • Windows To Go: This feature lets you deploy a new, fully manageable Windows 8 environment on a bootable external USB flash drive, enabling the “Bring Your Own PC” (BYOPC) usage scenario. Employees can use Windows To Go on any company PC as well as from their home PC, securely accessing corporate resources on an encrypted device that would be useless in the hands of others. Windows To Go is a feature we hope to see ported to other Windows editions in the future, and it would be a huge boon to lab environments of all kinds, including those used by educational institutions..

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