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If you’re one of the 1.3 billion active Windows users at the time of this writing, then you’re using an Intel- or Intel-compatible PC running on what’s arcanely described as an x86/x64 chipset.. • Send Microsoft info to help make Windows and apps better: Here you choose whether to send diagnostic information to Microsoft to improve Windows, Windows Store, Microsoft’s anti-malware online service, Location Services, the Customer Experience Improvement Program, and Windows Help, as shown in Figure 2-12. The Express default is to enable all of these features except for Location Services.. • Understanding contracts. The new Back experience is a toggle and it works much like quickly tapping Alt + Tab once: When you use it, you will return to the previous Metro-style app or to the Windows desktop. To access the Back experience, move the mouse cursor into the top-left corner of the screen. As you hit the corner, you’ll see a Back tip appear, as in Figure 3-24, representing the previous app (or desktop) you used. To access that app, just click the tip.. Not all apps support snapping fully, because they’re either useless or next to useless in a snapped configuration. But some apps provide specifically tailored snap interfaces—like Calendar and Mail—and can be quite useful in this way.. Note that you can perform these same basic steps to snap the app on the right side of the screen. But instead of releasing the thumbnail when you pull it out of Switcher, drag it all the way over to the right edge of the screen until the Snap border bar appears there. Then release the mouse button (or lift your finger).. Where New Meets Old: Metro Features You Get in the Desktop, Too. Fortunately, you can overcome this issue by downloading a SkyDrive desktop application that integrates your SkyDrive storage with File Explorer, providing a libraries-like interface for exploring SkyDrive, copying and moving files to and from this cloud storage service, and syncing those files with your PC.. At a basic level, these classic Windows applications make Windows better, somewhat generally, because they provide more capabilities than what is present solely in Windows. It’s fair to say that no one uses Windows because of Windows itself, per se, but rather because of the utility of the amazing collection of applications that are available for this system.. Like the Windows Phone app on which it is based, Calendar is aconnected calendar, one that is designed to work in concert with one or more online calendars, in this case calendars that are provided using EAS technologies. So it works with Microsoft calendars such as Hotmail Calendar and Exchange/Office 365, of course, but also calendars from other companies, such as Google Calendar.. • Next: This button fast forwards the current video by 15 seconds.. The Xbox Games app is identified only as Games on the app’s live tile and in All Apps.. So our advice is simple. Assuming you’re not spending your time in the nether regions of the web, downloading illegal software and goodness knows what else, Windows Defender is enough. It’s lightweight and quiet, and it won’t bother you with annoying pop-up dialogs. You won’t need other security applications or even more expensive security suites. You know, assuming that common sense is employed.TIP. In Windows 8, network location is handled differently and, believe it or not, it’s even easier than before. Now, there are only two states, and instead of forcing the user to think about the network type, you choose between whether you want to share or connect to devices. We explain this functionality and how to configure it on a per-connection basis in the next section.. • USB dongle: Many wireless carriers also provide small USB devices that plug into a PC (or Windows-based device with a USB port), providing cellular connectivity directly to that PC. These devices typically come with their own software stack, so that they work with all modern versions of Windows, and if you use such a device, it’s likely that you’ll need to install this software before you can get online. In such cases, usage will vary, since the provided utilities will vary from device to device. A typical cellular data dongle is shown in Figure 13-9..