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how windows defender works why windows have so many problems

Once the full set of installation files are downloaded, Setup will check the integrity of the downloaded files. This is important because large chunks of the Setup process occur when the PC is offline and once it begins, there’s no way to elegantly recover should a corrupt file be encountered.. However you choose to install Windows 8, you can be sure that at the end of this process, you’ll have a fully functioning install, complete with all of the drivers you need to power your PC. And this chapter showed you how to make that happen.. Using External Storage. • A unique taskbar on each display, but all open windows available on primary display, too: This most confusing of options is basically identical to the previous configuration, but with a twist: Open windows and applications will display a button on the taskbar of both the display they’re open on as well as the primary display.Configuring Metro for Multiple Displays. Figure 5-41: The Start Screen background applied to the desktop [Картинка: i_164.jpg]. If you’re a developer targeting Windows 8 with a new Metro-style app, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you, not just in writing that app, but in conforming to a long list of app rules that Microsoft has devised. These rules exist for simple reasons: Metro-style apps need to be safe, perform quickly,and work well, and they need to offer users a unique value of some kind.. Figure 6-24: A subtle message indicating there are updates [Картинка: i_188.jpg]. Figure 6-28: You can rate a review! [Картинка: i_192.jpg]. Two Browsers, One Brain: Understanding Internet Explorer 10. In addition to supporting the Search contract, Internet Explorer Metro also supports the Share contract, allowing it to share web pages with other apps.. • Emoticons: This opens a pane with a surprisingly diverse and voluminous collection of high-resolution emoticons across categories like people, activities, food and things, travel, nature, and symbols. As you can see in Figure 8-25, this pane slides in from the left side of the screen and stays open so you can add multiple emoticons if needed.. • Excel: Excel is Microsoft’s spreadsheet solution, and like Word, it dominates the market in which it competes. Excel offers all of the number crunching functionality you expect and lets you analyze and visualize data in amazing, graphical ways.. If you’ve ever connected a digital camera, a camera’s memory card, or another device (like a smartphone) that contains pictures to Windows in the past, you know that Microsoft’s desktop OS has long supported basic photo acquisition (or what some people think of “downloading”) capabilities through desktop apps like Photo Gallery. You can still do this, if you’d like. Or, you can use the new Metro-based photo acquisition interface that’s available through the Photos app.. And in case it’s not obvious, content you purchase is yours forever, for the most part. This content is associated with your Microsoft account, and anytime you access the Store—from Windows 8 or the Xbox 360—you can browse through your previous purchases, or simply go to an item directly in the marketplaceand start streaming it immediately: Instead of a Play/Rent button, you’ll just see a Play button.. If you tap on the Game Activity title, it will present the entire list of Xbox LIVE games you’ve ever played, dating all the way back to 2005. In keeping with the game activity theme here, the games—each represented by box art—can display messages about the activities that friends have done with each. So you may see something like1 beacon,2 online, or similar noted on individual games, indicating that you’re friends are busy having fun online while you’re reading this dry, humorless tome..