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Ultrabooks are available in both Intel-compatible and ARM-based designs, but the Intel underpinnings are far more common.Tablet/Slate. • Boot the PC with your Windows Setup media: You will most likely need to interrupt your PC’s boot process in order to boot from a USB memory key, especially. But this could be true for a bootable DVD as well. Consult your PC documentation—or pay attention when the BIOS screen appears—to discover how this works on your particular machine.. In previous versions of Windows, you would boot the PC (or wake it from Sleep mode), provide your login credentials when prompted (after bypassing the lock screen if using a corporate-connected domain account), and then be presented with the Windows desktop. The desktop was only part of a wider series of applications and services known as the Windows shell. And in all of the versions of Windows released over the past 15 years or more, this shell was called Windows Explorer, or simply Explorer.. Mouse and touch users can also utilize Switcher, though with a bit more difficulty.. Windows 7 includes a fantastic feature called Start Menu Search. To use it, you simply tap the Start button, type the term you’re looking for, and the search results are returned right in the Start menu. It provides an amazingly handy way to quickly find an application you want without mousing around the labyrinthine Start menu submenus.. This is a simple (and purposefully vague) example. But the point is simple: Thanks to the massive and pervasive improvements to the underlying platform in Windows 8, apps aren’t just something you install and use as standalone islands of activity. They will often be truly integrated experiences that make Windows 8 better. And that means that as time goes by, and more and more apps appear, Windows 8 is only going to get better. And it will do so even if Microsoft never lifts a finger to make that so.. In this context, a PC is a PC based on an Intel or Intel-compatible chipset, and a device is a PC that’s based on an ARM chipset and running Windows RT.. Figure 6-3: Mouse users can navigate Windows Store with a scroll bar. [Картинка: i_167.jpg]. As more and more people rate reviews, these choices become very important as they indicate the relative trustworthiness of each review. If 19 out of 20 people found a review helpful, for example, chances are it’s pretty good.Report This Review. • Account: If you’ve configured two or more e-mail accounts, you can choose from which to send the message, using a drop-down box.. Figure 8-24: You can add file attachments using a standard Metro-style file picker. [Картинка: i_252.jpg]. The new way of doing things was triggered by a technological advance calledcloud computing. In this new model, your data isn’t stored on a single hard disk on a single PC, where it’s inaccessible from other PCs and devices and could potentially suffer from data loss because of a catastrophic hardware failure. Instead, the data is stored in the cloud—in powerful, geographically redundant data centers run by major corporations we actually trust—and is always accessible from any PC or device.. • Players list: Xbox LIVE tracks the players you’ve most recently played against so you can find them again later and request a rematch, send feedback (positive or negative), or send a friend request.. Figure 11-12: Using parity eats up a bit more space but is more resilient. [Картинка: i_380.jpg]. To use a cellular data connection with the integrated Windows 8 capabilities, or what Microsoft calls mobile broadband, you must have a Windows PC or device that includes a built-in SIM port. If you don’t have such a thing, you utilize external methods for connecting to the Internet via a cellular data connection. Some of the more obvious choices include the following:.