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So, which one do you choose?. Figure 4-1: The Windows 7 desktop [Картинка: i_080.jpg]. Figure 4-9: A power user method for snapping secondary apps to a side of the screen [Картинка: i_088.jpg]. In Windows 8, Explorer drops the Aero glass and adopts the new ribbon-based UI, replacing the previous version’s command bar with a more powerful but denser interface that puts all the options you’ll ever need—and then some—right up front. Fortunately, thanks to feedback during the Windows 8 prerelease cycle, Microsoft opted to hide the ribbon by default. So the Explorer UI you’ll probably see the first time you use this application will likely resemble the one shown in Figure 4-20.. Knowing that Start Search now works for settings, files, and apps, you’ll probably use it more than ever. But even if a desktop application search is all you need, you can rest easy knowing that one of Windows 7’s best features has carried forward to Windows 8.. • Customizing settings and settings sync. • Language preferences: Here, you’ll find settings such as the display language, additional installed languages and input methods (IMEs), and settings related to the onscreen keyboard. But there’s another important setting that’s synced via this group: The new Windows spelling dictionary, which can work from any Metro-style app.. Each category has its own landing page that provides a list of the apps within that category that are sortable by subcategories, prices, and/or other criteria (noteworthy, newest, highest rating, lowest price, and highest price). Accessing a category landing page, curiously, isn’t very obvious: You need to tap or click the category title on the Windows Store home screen.. To configure an account, click the appropriate account type under Add people to your contact list and follow the steps requested. Each account

addition occurs via a full-screen notification-type interface like the one shown in Figure 8-4.. • Slide show: This button triggers a slideshow of the photos contained in the folder that contains the picture you’re currently viewing.. So why support both Play on Xbox 360 and Play To? Play on Xbox 360 is, of course, Xbox-specific, and it requires that the content you’re playing is found in Microsoft’s Xbox-based online stores. That’s because while using Play on Xbox 360, Xbox Music isn’t streaming the content, it’s handing it off and letting the console play it instead. Play To, meanwhile, is more basic in that you’re just streaming content from the PC (or device) to a compatible set-top box. So if you were to shut down the PC, the music playback would stop. On other hand, Play To lets you play music through the console that isn’t found in the Xbox Music Store.. Figure 10-3: Notifications still pop up onscreen during gameplay, too. [Картинка: i_344.jpg]. • Using Push Button Reset to reset or refresh your PC. Choose accordingly, and you’ll be connected to the network. In the Networks pane, the connection will be accompanied by a Connected notation.. • BitLocker protects vital Windows system files during boot-up: If BitLocker discovers a security risk, such as a change to any startup files (which might indicate that the hard drive was stolen and placed in a different machine), it will lock the system until you enter your BitLocker recovery key or password (discussed shortly)..

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