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In many ways, the decision comes down to need. A Windows RT device—like a tablet—will generally provide better battery life than an equivalent Intel-compatible device and come in a thinner and lighter form factor. Both can be turned into “full PCs” using a docking station and attached keyboard, mouse, screen, and other peripherals. Both can run virtually all Metro-style apps, but only the Intel-compatible machine will be capable of running legacy software designed for Windows.. These choices seem straightforward, but the second option is a cleverly disguised way to trigger a process whereby you can install the Setup files to a DVD or USB memory device. This allows you to perform a more traditional, if less seamless, installation later, or to another PC.. To find this tool from Windows 7, use Start Menu Search: Open the Start Menu, typedisk part, and hit Enter. The Disk Management utility, shown in Figure 2-21, will open.. that this toggle applies only to app-based notifications.. Conversely, it’s also possible for the Windows desktop to be the snapped, or secondary, app. However, when you enable this view, as in Figure 4-12, you’ll notice that the snapped desktop only displays thumbnails of the available open windows and isn’t too useful.. You should also consider turning off notification sounds. Now that gets annoying.. • Reviews view: Tap the Reviews header and you’ll navigate to each of the reviews, and associated ratings, for the app. This list of reviews is sorted by newest by default, as shown in Figure 6-13, but it can be sorted by oldest, highest rated, lowest rated, or most helpful if desired.. As you read an individual review, you may feel that it was particularly helpful… or not. And in a nice bit of fair play—where the hunter becomes the

hunted—you can review a review, so to speak. That is, you can indicate whether a review was helpful in getting you to decide whether to download or buy it.. Figure 8-32: The new event view [Картинка: i_260.jpg]. And if you zoom enough in the correct direction, you can even use this feature to zoom into a photo! (If you do, you can use the small plus (“+”) symbol that appears in the lower right to zoom back out as well.. When you’re done, you’re prompted to open the folder containing the photos you just imported. This will happen in Photos, of course, not in File Explorer on the desktop.. Here’s a rundown of the actions you can trigger from these pop-ups:. Figure 10-3: Notifications still pop up onscreen during gameplay, too. [Картинка: i_344.jpg]. And just in case it’s not clear why this ability to configure a connection as metered is important, consider this example: In the writing of this book, your authors of course spent a lot of time testing things—a process that involves reinstalling Windows 8 again and again and reconfiguring the OS from scratch to ensure that the behaviors we see and describe aren’t colored by other user or application configurations. While doing that for this chapter, the process of updating the OS and the bundled Metro-style apps (through Windows Store) consumed an entire 250 MB monthly cellular allotment in about half an hour. The ability to configure a metered connection isn’t just useful, it’s necessary.. Client Hyper-V.

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