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how windows logon works where windows stores wifi passwords

Table 1-3: Metro Features*FeatureWindows 8Windows 8 ProWindows RTStart screen, semantic zoom, live tilesYesYesYesWindows StoreYesYesYesMailYesYesYesCalendarYesYesYesPeopleYesYesYesMessagingYesYesYesPhotosYesYesYesSkyDriveYesYesYesReaderYesYesYesXbox MusicYesYesYesXbox VideoYesYesYesXbox CompanionYesYesYesXbox GamesYesYesYesCameraYesYesYesBingYesYesYesBing MapsYesYesYesBing NewsYesYesYesBing SportsYesYesYesBing TravelYesYesYesBing WeatherYesYesYesInternet Explorer 10 MetroYesYesYesSnapYesYesYesTouch and Thumb keyboardYesYesYesPlay ToYesYesYesExchange ActiveSync (EAS) supportYesYesYesMobile broadband featuresYesYesYes. Chapter 3. Figure 3-28: Snapping an app [Картинка: i_068.jpg]. While Microsoft built SkyDrive support into the Metro environment, providing File Picker-based access to the files on that cloud service, as well as integrated setting sync for those who want it, there is one crucial bit missing for desktop users: you can’t natively navigate your SkyDrive storage using File Explorer.. • Sync settings over metered Internet connections: This determines whether your settings are synced over metered Internet connections.. • Social: This group contains apps related to social network services, such as Facebook and Twitter as well as blog-related apps, such as WordPress.. Figure 6-18: An app switch button in IE 10 for Metro [Картинка: i_182.jpg]. Under the Lock screen apps area, you’ll see that Windows 8 allows you to configure up to seven Metro-style apps that can run in the background and provide quick status and notifications. But below that is a very interesting option: You can configure a single app to display detailed status information. If Calendar isn’t chosen here, click the “+” icon and choose Calendar from the pop-up list.. Understanding Messaging. Figure 8-46: The SkyDrive

app [Картинка: i_274.jpg]. • Annotations: You can make annotations (but not edits) to a PDF document with Reader by selecting a block of text, right-clicking, and choosing Highlight (to add a colored highlight to the text) or Add a note (to embed a note in the PDF). You can then save the changes to the original PDF or to a copy.. To access the Metro-style interface for Reset your PC, visit PC Settings and navigate to General. Near the bottom of the list of General PC settings, you will see the options Refresh your PC without affecting your files and Remove everything and reinstall Windows. These represent Refresh your PC and Reset your PC, respectively.. If you have only configured one user account, you cannot, however, change it from an administrator-type account to a standard user account. You must always have one administrator configured on the PC.. Click the Change the account type link, choose Administrator, and then click the Change Account Type button. Now, you can see as in Figure 12-10, that this other Microsoft account is an administrator too.. • Using HomeGroup to share resources on a home network.

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