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With Windows 8, Microsoft has combined three of its Windows installation tools into a single web-based version of Setup that overcomes virtually all of the problems with the traditional, monolithic Setup application. Available, this new installer can perform a clean install, upgrade, or migration to Windows 8 more quickly and more reliably than ever before.. But what about mouse or touch users? Your muscle memory is telling you to tap the Start button. But the Start button is gone.. • Keyboard: You can’t directly access Back using the keyboard, but you can still use Windows Flip (Alt + Tab) or the new Switcher interface (Winkey + Tab), described shortly, to access recently used apps.. In Windows 8, Microsoft exposes many system-level services through a new user experience called Charms. These Charms are accessible via a bar that appears on the right edge of the screen in a manner that is consistent across every user experience in Windows 8, including the Start screen, all Metro-style apps, and the desktop. This can be seen in Figure 4-14.CROSSREF. Figure 4-36: Overriding a file association with Open With [Картинка: i_115.jpg]. Metro-style apps cannot auto-start at boot time.. Figure 5-37: Adding a SkyDrive folder to a library [Картинка: i_160.jpg]. • Buy: Click this to purchase a paid app.. • Microsoft/Hotmail: Microsoft’s popular web-based mail service is the basis for most people’s Microsoft accounts, and since

Windows 8 uses this account as your sign-in by default, chances are you’ve already configured one. Hotmail provides e-mail, contacts, calendaring, and task services, and as with the Google account type, each surfaces in the appropriate Windows 8 apps. The People app, as you’d expect, integrates with your Hotmail contact list.. • Delete: This button deletes the file from your PC, after a quick confirmation.. Figure 9-48: You will often see choices between HD and SD, and between downloading and streaming. [Картинка: i_340.jpg]. When you do, you’ll see that there are two small groups, Gamercard and Friends, to the left of the starting point of the app, at the Spotlight group, as shown in Figure 10-15.. You should then navigate to the Windows desktop, where you’ll find a web document listing the (classic) applications that PC Refresh removed. This list will help you get started reinstalling, as many web-based apps will be helpfully hyperlinked.. Note that some Windows key shortcuts can be used in tandem with the Shift key to cycle objects in the opposite direction.. Thanks to Paul, for giving me another opportunity to do what I love doing—digging into and documenting Windows..

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