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• Installing Windows 8 on a Mac. Other than that, things work as before. You can run traditional Windows applications, in windowed or full-screen mode, install new applications, and so on. Chances are if it worked in Windows 7, it will work fine in Windows 8 as well.. • Keyboard: To enable the Charms bar from the keyboard, type Winkey + C.. Notification toasts appear for all kinds of reasons, including when you install a new application that can change file associations, when you plug in a USB-based storage device, and so on. Also, many Metro-style apps, like Mail, Calendar, and Messaging, utilize these types of notifications. For example, Mail can be configured to notify you each time a new e-mail arrives.. Working with Files. • Turn live tile on/off: While some will really appreciate the constantly updating live tiles on a typical Windows 8 Start screen, others will find it distracting or even annoying. There are two things you can try to cut down on the noise if you’re in the latter group. First, you can experiment with resizing the tiles from large to small, since those smaller tiles—while still “live”—tend to be less dynamic than their larger versions. But if you just want it to stop, you can also turn off live updating on a tile-by-tile basis. And this works for large as well as small tiles. In Figure 5-20, you can see the effect this has on a typical app tile.. If you’re familiar with Windows 7 or previous Windows versions, many of the same customization options that were available before are also available in Windows 8. As is the case throughout this book, however, we’ll be focusing only on those aspects of the system that are new or at least notably changed in this release. And believe it or not, there have been some interesting improvements to desktop customization in Windows 8 despite the obvious focus on the new Metro environment in this release.. Make Items Bigger. IE 10 Metro and IE 10 desktop also share many (but not all) underpinning technologies, including hardware acceleration of web-based text, graphics, video, and audio, and compiled JavaScript—you know, if you’re a web geek.. Tabs provide a convenient way to access multiple websites from the same browser window. And IE Metro, as a modern mobile web browser, offers decent tab functionality. As noted earlier, you can access the new tab switcher by using the top or bottom edge UI (or the Winkey + Z shortcut) and manage tabs from there. But your old tab skills work as well. You can use Ctrl + T to open a new tab, for example, and Ctrl + W to close one.. Finally, you can also use the People app to view and edit your own online persona, which is the way other people view you out in the world.. Though these the two apps work similarly, those who are familiar with Windows Live Messenger for Windows might consider Messaging to be its Metro-styled equivalent, or even replacement. That’s because Messaging works with the same basic two services as does Windows Live Messenger: Windows Live and Facebook.. • Connected PCs: As with your own Picture library, your connected PCs will present an aggregated list of folders, sorted alphabetically.Viewing Photos and Photo Slideshows. If you’re unlucky, you can access Network and Sharing Center via Start Search. Or, right-click the Network notification icon in the Notification Area and choose Network and Sharing Center from the pop-up menu that appears.. If you are accessing an open, unprotected network, the Networks pane will ask you whether you want to turn on sharing between PCs and connect to devices on this network. (For protected networks, this is the next step.) As with any other network type, there are two possible answers:.