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how windows os works when was windows 7

Don’t see an option to sign in to your Microsoft account? You won’t see this if your PC is offline. Granted, this isn’t a huge issue for a web-based install of Windows 8 since, by definition, you have to be online to get it started. But it happens. You can later convert a local account to a Microsoft account if you’d like.. If you downloaded an ISO file from Microsoft, you can use this file to create a bootable Windows 8 Setup DVD disc or USB memory key. How you do this will depend on which version of Windows you’re currently running. In this section, we’ll look at some common scenarios.Creating a Windows Setup Disc with Windows 7. The ability to search within Metro-style apps is of course app-specific, and thus something we’ll discuss as appropriate throughout this book. But it’s worth noting that this feature is a key advantage of the new underlying software platform in Windows 8: As with many other key Metro features, apps can utilize this useful capability fairly easy and thus extend the way that Windows 8 works.. We discuss the many ways in which you can personalize the Start screen (and other aspects of Windows 8) in Chapter 5, but it’s wise to check this screen after each Windows application install to see which tiles were added. And then you can delete the ones you don’t want and, if desired, reorganize those you do.. Figure 6-14: The Search pane [Картинка: i_178.jpg]. Using the store is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive, Metro-style UI, logical category-based organization, and a plethora of app discovery and feedback tools. You can use Windows Store to find, download, try, and buy Metro-style apps, and then update them with new features as needed. Only app uninstall occurs outside the store, and that’s a simple process that won’t litter your PC with leftover files and registry entries.. When you perform both of these steps, IE Metro, for all intents and purposes, is removed from your system. It’s not literally gone, of course; it’s just inaccessible. And it will remain so until you change those settings back.You Configure a Third-Party Web Browser as the Default Browser. Figure 8-62: Bing’s more visual view of today’s big searches [Картинка: i_290.jpg]. Figure 9-26: Selecting an artist or album provides a pop-up instead of opening a new screen. [Картинка: i_318.jpg]. • Play on Xbox 360: In this scenario, you can hand off the playback of Store-based content from your PC to your Xbox 360, over the same home network only. That is, the content you playto the Xbox doesn’t have to comefrom Windows 8. Instead, it can be located online, in the Xbox Video Store.. Figure 11-1: A new power user menu provides quick access to useful but infrequently needed tools. [Картинка: i_369.jpg]. Storage Space Configuration Options. Since the second method makes so much more sense, we’ll examine that. Navigating in File Explorer to the scene of the crime—a folder in which a file was deleted or overwritten, perhaps—you will find a History command in the Home tab, as shown in Figure 11-17.. In previous Windows versions, we managed local user accounts in Control Panel, a desktop user interface that dates back to the earliest days of Windows. But in Windows 8, basic user account management tasks now occur within the Metro-based PC Settings instead, while, confusingly, a few more advanced or esoteric features can still be found in legacy control panels. So you may find yourself moving back and forth between the two environments depending on your needs.. Key among these new capabilities is the native support for cellular data connections, which achieves first-class status in Windows 8 alongside wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) networking types. If anything, cellular data support is superior to those older types of networking, thanks to intelligent integration with your wireless carrier’s metered and costly data plans. It’s even more powerful than the cellular support in most smartphones..