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how windows restore point works where windows stores wifi passwords

With Windows 8, you suddenly have a lot of decisions to make. Fortunately, Microsoft has simplified the product lineup such that there are basically just two retail versions of Windows 8 that upgraders need to think about, plus a third version, called Windows RT, that will be sold only with new ARM-based PCs and devices.. You can access the web-based Windows 8 Setup from the Microsoft Store ( as well.. Now, your PC’s boot process is measured in just a handful of seconds—under 20, certainly, and well under 10 for most SSD-based systems—and waking from sleep is near simultaneous. The lock screen is always present by default, whether you’re using your own PC or one from work. When you sign in—Microsoft no longer uses the termslog in orlog out—you’re presented with the new Metro-style Start screen, not the desktop. And the Metro environment in which the Start screen and new Metro-style apps run is the new shell. In Figure 3-1, you can see a selection of full-screen Metro experiences, including the new Start screen, PC Settings, and a representative Metro-style app.. OK, it’s time to see what you can really do with this thing. While most of the behaviors you’ll see in File Explorer are the same as with previous Windows versions, there have been some key changes and improvements as well. In keeping with the focus of this book, we’ll assume that you understand the basics, and how things used to work, and highlight only these new features.. As with the task-switching functionality described earlier, Windows has also offered an interface called Task Manager that, among other things, provides a way for users to manually kill processes and applications. It’s perhaps a sad statement that this interface is one of the most frequently used tools in Windows, but there you go. And in Windows 8, it’s gotten its most impressive upgrade in years, with a simple new user interface that offers a superset of the functionality from previous versions.. Figure 5-26: Passwords won’t sync unless your current PC is a trusted PC. [Картинка: i_149.jpg]. • One tile: If you’ve ever installed an old-school Windows application like Office or Visual Studio on Windows 8, you know how awful it is to have numerous application tiles spewed onto your Start screen at the end. This won’t happen with Metro-style apps: Developers are limited to adding just a single app tile to the Start screen.. Microsoft’s communications (productivity) apps are covered in Chapter 8. Microsoft’s entertainment apps are discussed inChapter 9.. • Message body: The body of the e-mail message, including, optionally, the pre-populated signature (which can be configured in account settings).. These apps rely heavily on online services, are less full-featured when you’re offline; you’ll only be able to use content stored on the machine, your own PC-based photos, music, and videos, and any rented movies or purchased TV shows or movies.. The Xbox Companion app is often triggered from other Metro-style apps, including Xbox Games, Xbox Music, and Xbox Video. But it can also be run independently.. Click History to display the File History restore interface shown in Figure 11-18.. If you’re unlucky, you can access Network and Sharing Center via Start Search. Or, right-click the Network notification icon in the Notification Area and choose Network and Sharing Center from the pop-up menu that appears.. Thanks as always to Stephanie, Mark, and Kelly for giving me the time to make this book happen and for understanding why things got grouchy sometimes.. The resulting book, the one you now hold, is the product of this reimagining. It is significantly shorter than the previous book—about a third shorter, I guess—and doesn’t drift into surrounding ecosystem products and services unless they’re central to the discussion. Part of the reason we’re able to do this is that Microsoft has simply built so much into Windows 8, while extending its support to cloud services inmore seamless ways. But part of it is us just saying no to peripheral topics as well..