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While Windows has offered pervasive multi-touch support since Windows Vista, the release of Windows 8 has changed things pretty dramatically. Instead of simply tacking multi-touch support on top of Windows as was done in previous releases, Windows 8 has been re-architected so that multi-touch is a full-fledged input type, alongside the mouse and keyboard. And in the new Metro environment, multi-touch is arguably even better supported than is mouse and keyboard. It is, as Microsoft puts it, a touch-first environment.. You are asked to choose what you want to keep, and there will be some mix of the following choices here, depending on which version of Windows you’re currently running:. You can also use this interface to enable the recovery options at boot time if you’d like. Generally speaking, this isn’t advisable, but if you’re having issues with the computer, it’s not a bad idea to have this capability at the ready.. Or simply read on.. • Duplicate: In this mode, the second screen duplicates, or mirrors, the primary display. There are some limitations here based on the capabilities of the screen. For example, the mirrored screens will both utilize the resolution of the lowest resolution screen of the pair. This is a common choice for those giving presentations who wish to see the same display as the audience.. Whereas desktop versions of Internet Explorer feature an always-visible row of browser tabs, IE Metro tries to do more with less, so it hides its new tab switcher and other UI chrome elements by default. But when enabled, the tab switcher, as shown in Figure 7-8, provides the UI elements described next.. The only way to return IE Metro is to make IE the default browser in Default Programs again.. Figure 8-10: Pinning a contact to the Start screen

[Картинка: i_238.jpg]. When you activate the Messaging app bar—by right-clicking a blank area of the screen, tapping Winkey + Z, or swiping toward the center of the screen from the top or bottom edge—a few additional commands are revealed.. Keyboard users can zoom with Ctrl + – (zoom out) and Ctrl +“+” for zoom in (which is to say, Ctrl, Shift, and “+”).. Here we look at the photo features in Windows 8, starting with the new Metro-style Photos app.. Figure 9-4: Configuring Photos to work with Facebook [Картинка: i_296.jpg]. Storage Spaces is conceptually related to a technology called Drive Extender, which debuted in a product called Windows Home Server. That said, Storage Spaces is the superior solution and is technically unrelated to Drive Extender.. But local user accounts are starting to show the strain of time, and as our PC usage changes, so do the needs we place on them. For example, most people don’t bother to protect their own user accounts with a password, which can have huge ramifications in the event of a stolen PC. Local accounts are literally local to that one PC and thus hard, if not impossible, to replicate across machines; if you have more than one PC, as so many of us do now, making each one look and work the same is tedious. Local accounts make home network sharing difficult, too, which is why Microsoft created the homegroup sharing technique for Windows 7.. Some related security features, BitLocker and EFS, can be used to protect the contents of a Windows PC’s hard drive. These are discussed inChapter 14..

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