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• Automatic screen rotation: Tablets and hybrid devices and other screens can utilize an accelerometer to determine the orientation of the screen and rotate the on-screen display appropriately as it’s changed. This type of activity is common on smartphones and, with Windows 8, it’s come to PCs as well.. With Windows 7 and previous Windows versions, Microsoft provided a monolithic installation application called Windows Setup that was custom-tailored for managed businesses and PC makers but could also be used, in manual form, by end users. This same Setup application came with both the Full and Upgrade versions of Windows and provided a consistent interface between the two.. Now, your PC’s boot process is measured in just a handful of seconds—under 20, certainly, and well under 10 for most SSD-based systems—and waking from sleep is near simultaneous. The lock screen is always present by default, whether you’re using your own PC or one from work. When you sign in—Microsoft no longer uses the termslog in orlog out—you’re presented with the new Metro-style Start screen, not the desktop. And the Metro environment in which the Start screen and new Metro-style apps run is the new shell. In Figure 3-1, you can see a selection of full-screen Metro experiences, including the new Start screen, PC Settings, and a representative Metro-style app.. Of course, Windows 8 doesn’t have a Start menu. But it does still offer searching capabilities. And it works exactly the same way: From any Metro-style app or the Windows desktop, just tap Start (or Winkey) and start typing. If you’re already viewing the Start screen, it’s even easier: Just start typing.. When you select the printer, the Devices pane will expand to reveal options related to that specific printer, as in Figure 3-35. This interface will let you make last-minute configurations before actually printing, with many of the options available via a More settings link.. As it turns out, Windows 8 includes methods for triggering this new Start experience for both the mouse and touch. As with other system-wide actions, these new triggers are part of a collective series ofedge UIs, and while we cover this topic pretty heavily in Chapter 3, this one is worth discussing here as well since

they work with the desktop, too, and many users coming to Windows 8 on a traditional PC will interact with it mostly from the desktop.. If you’re not familiar with these formats, a quick overview should get you up to speed. ISO is a disc image format in which the contents of an optical disc (CD, DVD, and the like) are packaged into a single archive file, generally with an .iso extension, which is similar to a ZIP file. You can then later burn this ISO file to disc, creating a copy of the original.. To add a SkyDrive-based folder to a library, simply right-click it in Explorer, as shown in Figure 5-37, and select Include in library and then the name of the library you prefer.. Figure 6-13: The Reviews page for an app [Картинка: i_177.jpg]. Select the app you wish to share with and that app’s Share interface will appear. In Figure 7-19, we’re using the Mail app to share the current web page with others via e-mail. (This experience will vary from app to app.). Want to select all of the messages in a folder? Select one and then press Ctrl + A.. To create a new event, open the Calendar app bar and tap New. (This button resembles a“+” sign.) You’ll see the view in Figure 8-32, which provides a plethora of items to configure.. The Networks pane is important enough that you may need or want to access it from the Start screen or a Metro-style app. To do so, you must first enable the Settings bar (Winkey + I being the easiest way) and then select the Network icon at the bottom of that pane.. Figure 14-2: Advanced System Properties [Картинка: i_432.jpg]. In October 2009, I participated in the Windows 7 launch at the World Forum in the Hague, Netherlands. It was easily the most beautiful theater I’ve ever spoken in, and while I have many memories of that all-too-short trip to Europe, one stands out..

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