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FIGURE 1–6Format a partition in the Format dialog box by specifying its file system type and volume label.. convert C: /FS: NTFS /V. /L:size— NTFS only. It changes the log file size.. [Картинка: _211.png]. TIPIf you’re creating a share for general use and general access, you can publish the shared resource in Active Directory. Publishing the resource in Active Directory makes finding the share easier for users; however, this option is not available in Server Manager. To publish a share in Active Directory, press and hold or right-click the share in Computer Management, and then tap or click Properties. On the Publish tab, select the Publish This Share In Active Directory check box, add an optional description and owner information, and then tap or click OK.. 4.On the Security Policies page, review the security policies that will be applied, and then have the user select the I Accept These Policies On My PC check box. You will not be able to continue if you do not select this check box.. 20.On the introductory page for Save Security Policy, tap or click Next. On the Security Policy File Name page, you can configure options for saving the security policy and adding one or more security templates to the policy. To view the security policy in the SCW Viewer, tap or click View Security Policy. When you have finished viewing the policy, return to the wizard.. Managing networking in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 [Картинка: pic_19.png]. 8.If you’re configuring a primary or secondary server that isn’t integrated with Active Directory, you need to set the zone file name. A default name for the zone’s DNS database file should be filled in for you. You can use this name or enter a new file name. Tap or click Next.. 1.In the DNS Manager console, expand the Forward Lookup Zones folder for the server with which you want to work.. 1.In the DNS Manager console, press and hold or right-click the domain or subnet you want to update, and then tap or click Properties.. 9.Assign a name to the printer. This is the name that will be listed in Print Management.. Configuring drivers for network clients. ? Digital audio tape (DAT) drivesDAT drives are quickly replacing standard tape drives as the preferred backup devices. Many DAT formats are available. The most commonly used formats are Digital Linear Tape (DLT) and Super DLT (SDLT). With SDLT 320 and 600, tapes have a capacity of either 160 GB or 300 GB uncompressed (320 GB or 600 GB compressed). Large organizations might want to look at Linear Tape Open (LTO) tape technologies. LTO-3, LTO-4, and LTO-5 tapes have uncompressed capacity of 400 GB, 800 GB, and 1500 GB, respectively (and compressed capacity of twice that).. ? Disable Driver Signature EnforcementStarts the computer in safe mode without enforcing digital signature policy settings for drivers. If a driver with an invalid or missing digital signature is causing startup failure, this option resolves the problem temporarily so that you can start the computer and resolve the problem by getting a new driver or changing the driver signature enforcement settings..