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If you don’t want to use the Initialize Disk dialog box, you can close it and use Disk Management instead to view and work with the disk. In the Disk List view, the disk is marked with a red downward-pointing arrow icon, the disk’s type is listed as Unknown, and the disk’s status is listed as Not Initialized. Press and hold or right-click the disk’s icon and select Online. Press and hold or right-click the disk’s icon again, and select Initialize Disk. You can then initialize the disk as discussed previously.. 2.Next, on the original computer, select the Disk Management node in Computer Management. If the disk or disks you want to move are still listed, press and hold or right-click each disk, and then tap or click Remove Disk.. Disk Management color codes volumes by type, much like it does partitions. As Figure 2–1 shows, volumes also have the following properties:. [Картинка: _31.png]. 1.Select the File And Storage Services node, and then select the related Shares subnode.. You can configure file and folder auditing by following these steps:. 3.Double-tap or double-click the Windows Settings folder in the User. To provide fault tolerance in case of a router outage, you can choose to configure Windows Server 2012 R2 computers so that they use multiple default gateways. When you assign multiple gateways, Windows Server 2012 R2 uses the gateway metric to determine which gateway is used and at what time. The gateway metric indicates the routing cost of using a gateway. The gateway with the lowest routing cost, or metric, is used first. If the computer can’t communicate with this gateway, Windows Server 2012 R2 tries to use the gateway with the next lowest metric.. 1.In the DHCP console, double-tap or double-click the IPv4 node, and then double-tap or double-click the Filters node.. 3.You can now create a record for the mail server by filling in these text boxes:. By default, Windows allows a user who is not a member of the local Administrators group to install only trustworthy printer drivers, such as those provided by Windows or in digitally signed printer driver packages. When you enable the Point And Print Restrictions setting, you also make it possible for users who are not members of the local Administrators group to install printer connections deployed in Group Policy that include additional or updated printer drivers that are not in the form of digitally signed printer driver packages. If you do not enable this setting, users might need to provide the credentials of a user account that belongs to the local Administrators group.. 8.On the Select The File Location page, tap or click Browse. In the dialog box provided select the printer migration file you created in steps 3 and 4, and then tap or click Open.. Pausing the printer and resuming printing. — deleteOldest]. [-machine:BackupMachineName].