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2.6.3 Reverting a Buffer from a File. Normally, Emacs uses your default shell in shell mode. Under Windows that’scmd.exe (the familiarC:\> prompt or a close relative).[25] But Unix has a wide variety of available shells, including the GNU Project’sbash and the zed shell,zsh. Whatever shell you normally use, that’s what Emacs starts when you enter …

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If the cursor is here:M-d makes this edit:It was the worst of timesIt was the w_of timesIt was theworst of timesIt was the_of timesIt was the worst of timesIt was the wors_of times. [Картинка: i_047.jpg]. When you jump to a bookmark or move to a bookmarked file from the bookmark list, annotations are automatically displayed …

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ChapterВ 3.В Search and Replace. Table 3-4 shows some of the characters you can use in creating a regular expression.. “loaction” 1В В В В В В В “location”. [Картинка: i_090.jpg]. TableВ 8-1.В Comments in markup modesIf you type M-; in:Emacs inserts:HTML modeHTML helper modeSGML modenxml modepsgml modeLaTeX mode%% (on blank lines)% (on lines with content). (autoload ‘html-helper-mode “html-helper-mode” “Yay HTML” t). TableВ 8-7.В Nxml mode commandsKeystrokesCommand nameActionC-Enternxml-completeComplete …

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Using the menus, you can access text from the kill ring in a more straightforward way: by choosing Editв†’ Select and Paste. A menu showing deletions appears, with the most recent ones on top. To show you as many deletions as possible, each line in the window represents a separate deletion. So if you’ve killed …

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