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[Картинка: i_026.jpg]. [Картинка: i_066.jpg]. Depending on your requirements, you may want to work with side-by-side windows in addition to or instead of horizontal windows. For finer control, you may want to know how to size windows (and because they’re not GUI windows, you can’t do that with the mouse).[23] You may also want to know …

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1.2 Understanding Files and Buffers. Ispell completes the word for you.. [Картинка: i_069.jpg]. Other text publishing options include the TEX family. TEX (pronounced “tek”) is a formatter that was developed by Donald Knuth for generating books. LATEX (pronounced “lay-tek”) is a set of TEX commands created by Leslie Lamport. With TEX and LATEX , you …

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The book concludes with a glossary that defines Emacs terms you’ll encounter, an index, and a detachable quick reference card that summarizes important commands for easy access.. TableВ 1-4.В File handling commandsKeystrokesCommand nameActionC-x C-fFileв†’Open Filefind-fileFind file and read it in a new buffer.C-x C-vfind-alternate-fileRead an alternate file, replacing the one read withC-x C-f.C-x iFileв†’ Insert Fileinsert-fileInsert file …

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• Using ediff to compare files (Chapter 12). 1.2 Understanding Files and Buffers. TableВ 2-12.В Stopping and undoing commandsKeystrokesCommand nameActionC-gkeyboard-quitAbort current command.C-x uadvertised-undo[17]Undo last edit (can be done repeatedly).C-_Editв†’UndoundoUndo last edit (can be done repeatedly).(none)revert-bufferRestore buffer to the state it was in when the file was last saved (or auto-saved).. Type:M-< followed byC-x Esc Esc. To exit the …

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Appendix D,Online Resources, gives a tour of some important Emacs-related web sites.. [Картинка: i_013.jpg]. After you select a menu option, choices for that menu appear. Repeat the process until you find the option you’re looking for.. Here are the steps for some common deletion tasks.. (custom-set-variables. “wart”В В В В 1В В В В В В В В “World Association for Replicant Technology”. What’s important about this? …

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ChapterВ 2.В Editing. Emacs highlights all the words that start with m.. TableВ 6-4.В Comment-copying macro with a queryKeystrokesActionF3Start the macro definition.C-s /Search for a slash.EnterStop the search when it is successful.C-x qInsert a query in the macro; Emacs asks you if you want to proceed at this point when you run the macro.M-fMove forward one word.M-bMove to the …

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