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To mark a region:. 2.7.5 Problems You May Encounter. Ispell finds the first unrecognized word in the buffer.. Often when you are cleaning up directories, you’re moving files between them, organizing subdirectories, and the like. This naturally involves a lot of moving among directories.. [Картинка: i_152.jpg]. int x, y_. #define LUCYX. В В ;; custom-set-faces was added …

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However, there’s one thing you have to watch out for. Emacs stops assembling these blocks of text as soon as you give any command thatisn’t a kill command. For example, if you typeC-k, then delete a single character withC-d, then type anotherC-k, you’ve broken the chain. Emacs doesn’t consider deletion of a single character withC-d …

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In this book, we discuss editing modes for C++, Java, Lisp, Perl, and SQL. There are many modes for other languages, including rare languages like Scheme. There’s no way we could discuss everything.. To find a group of commands quickly, look for tables in each section that summarize commands. These tables are formatted like this:. …

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[Картинка: i_036.jpg]. The first line tells Emacs to make text mode the default major mode; in other words, “Turn on text mode unless I tell you otherwise.” The second line turns on auto-fill mode whenever you are in text mode. Alternatively, selecting Optionsв†’ Word Wrap in Text Modes, and then Optionsв†’ Save Options adds auto-fill …

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A few mouse commands use theShift key as a modifier, often in combination with theCtrl key. This is abbreviated as:. If you press:You’ll get:Meta – uabcdEFGHIJ_Meta – M-uABCDefghijM-cabcdEfghij_Meta – M-cAbcdefghij. (custom-set-faces. Regular expression replace. [Картинка: i_115.jpg]. В “Charles Dickens“). TableВ 9-2.В Basic indentation commandsKeystrokesCommand nameActionC-M-\indent-regionIndent each line between the cursor and mark.M-mback-to-indentationMove to the first nonblank character on …

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