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In this book, we discuss editing modes for C++, Java, Lisp, Perl, and SQL. There are many modes for other languages, including rare languages like Scheme. There’s no way we could discuss everything.. FigureВ 1-1.В Understanding the Emacs display [Картинка: i_005.jpg]. The first time you save a file during an editing session, Emacs creates a backup file. …

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Chapter 9,Computer Language Support, covers Emacs as a programming environment, including editing support for C, Java, Lisp, Perl, and SQL, as well as the interface to compilers and the Unixmake utility. It also describes the Java Development Environment for Emacs (JDEE).. • Other commonly used commands are bound toC-xsomething (C-x followed by something else—one or more …

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This book, however, isn’t limited to GNU Emacs users. Because of the similarities between different Emacs implementations, this book should help you get started with any Emacs editor. The basic keyboard commands change little from one editor to another—you’ll find thatC-n (forCtrl-n) almost always means “move to the next line.” Emacs editors tend to differ …

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GNU Emacs incorporates a complete Lisp interpreter. We give a very basic and brief introduction to Emacs Lisp;Chapter 11 should be enough to get you started, but it really only scratches the surface. We recommend the FSF’sEmacs Lisp Reference Manual, now included in the Emacs distribution.. [Картинка: i_109.jpg]. • They prepare themselves to repeat.. PressTab on …

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To use Emacs commands to move the cursor forward one space, typeC-f (f for “forward”). As you might guess,C-b moves the cursor backward. To move up, typeC-p (forprevious-line), and to move down, typeC-n (fornext-line). It’s easier to memorize commands if you remember what the letters stand for.. When you want to add a line to …

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