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warranty of merchantability, fitness for a. }. The C++ template facility goes far beyond simple “containers ofT.” Although the original motivation was to enable type-safe, generic containers, in modern C++, templates are also used to generate custom code and to optimize program execution through compile-time programming constructs..   cout

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  Date();.   nPass = nFail = 0;.   string s(“aaaXaaaXXaaXXXaXXXXaaa”);.         return 1;. #include.     size_t rootLen = root.length();.   return os;.   for(list::iterator p2 = theOtherData.begin();.     cout

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  = set_terminate(terminator);.   }. int main() {. } ///:~.   while (!in.get(sb).eof()) {. The simplest example of a traits template is thenumeric_limits class template defined in. The primary template is defined as follows:.   fill_n(back_inserter(v2), 7, “bye”);.     ostream_iterator(cout, “\n”));. using namespace std;. struct NonPolyBase. };. class A {. public:.     Bee* parent;.     …

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//:! :CopyRight.txt. //: C01:Rawp.cpp.   if (i != string::npos). You enable exceptions on a stream-by-stream basis, sinceexceptions( ) is a member function for streams. Theexceptions( ) function returns a bitmask[42] (of typeiostate, which is some compiler-dependent type convertible toint) indicating which stream states will cause exceptions. If those states have already been set, an exception is thrown immediately. …

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// Safe, atomic pointers.       str1++; str2++; // Compare the other chars. };.   f(0);            // T. public:.              bind2nd(greater(), val));.   Result operator()(Arg x) const {return fptr(x);}. #include.   // Now send them to cout:. public:.       –*this;. }. using std::string;.   // Disallow copy.   void f() const;.