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android app bundle android xml tutorial

import android.app.Activity;. Note that we have aLinearLayout wrapping twoRadioGroup sets.RadioGroup is a subclass ofLinearLayout, so our example demonstrates nested boxes as if they were allLinearLayout containers..     android:background=”#ffffaa” />.   “consectetuer”, “adipiscing”, “elit”, “morbi”, “vel”,.   dateAndTimeLabel.setText(fmtDateAndTime.format(dateAndTime.getTime()));. >. Reading and writing your own, application-specific data files is nearly identical to what you might do in …

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emacs bold text emacs ubuntu tutorial

ChapterВ 2.В Editing. You’re ready to replace the first occurrence; pressSpace to go on.. To define word abbreviations for this buffer and session:. [Картинка: i_095.jpg]. A random scribble.. Click on the Go to Group button next to Editing group. The tables inAppendix B list several major modes that are automatically invoked when you visit a file whose …

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can’t find server in ark server administration tutorial

Windows Server 2012 R2 greatly simplifies the task of moving disks to a new system. Before moving disks, you should follow these steps:. FIGURE 1–5Set the formatting options for the partition on the Format Partition page.. or. 1.The client computer selects a link-local unicast IPv6 address. Before using the IPv6 address, the client performs an …

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Computer Tutorial emacs hotkeys

IfReadYou are a casual userPreface,Chapter 1-Chapter 3,Chapter 14You are a programmer or system administratorPreface,Chapter 1-Chapter 5,Chapter 9-Chapter 12You are a writer or production personPreface,Chapter 1-Chapter 3,Chapter 7,Chapter 8,Chapter 14You want to customize EmacsChapter 10 and possiblyChapter 11You write HTML or XMLPreface,Chapter 1-Chapter 3,Chapter 8You want to use operating system commands in EmacsChapter 5You use Emacs …

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