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what is windows defender security center which windows 10 was the free upgrade

Installing and Upgrading to Windows 8In This Chapter. Step-by-Step: Installing Windows 8. The next screen, shown in Figure 2-5, determines what type of install you will perform. Because this is so important, and can vary from PC to PC, we’ll need to spend a bit of time on this. (This figure was obtained by running the Windows 8 Setup from Windows 7.). Setup will again check to make sure there are no more steps to take before it can install Windows 8. Finally, it will present the screen in Figure 2-7 that verifies the type of install you’ve chosen. You can make a last minute change to that install type if you’re unsure.. Microsoft’s decision to remove the Start button is, perhaps, one of the more controversial decisions in Windows 8, because this on-screen button has been a ubiquitous mainstay of the Windows user interface since 1995. But before you get too upset over the change, it’s helpful to understand why it happened and how Windows 8 makes an onscreen button on the desktop superfluous anyway.. VHD, or virtual hard disk, files are created for Microsoft’s virtualization solutions, including Hyper-V and Windows Virtual PC. These files represent a hard disk drive, and as you’ll discover in Chapter 14, they are useful in a number of scenarios, such as testing operating systems and other software, for help desk support, and for software developers.. Figure 5-9: Selecting a tile on the Start screen [Картинка: i_132.jpg]. Another choice is to use a different background picture for each display. This is absolutely possible in Windows 8, though it’s not particularly obvious.. Keyboard users can use the Winkey + I shortcut to go directly to Internet Explorer Settings.. As we discussed previously in this chapter, it’s very easy to launch the desktop version of Internet Explorer from the Metro version: Just tap the Page tools button in the navigation bar, and then View on the desktop to load the currently displayed web page in the desktop version of the browser. You may want to do this when you run into a web page that won’t work in IE Metro, perhaps because it expects an add-on of some kind.. • Show more: Here, you can display BCC (“blind carbon copy”) and priority choices, the latter of which lets you change from the default of Normal to High or Low priority, depending on the needs of the message.. Bing Maps utilizes Bing’s search technologies on the back end, so you might expect searching to be fairly granular. It’s not. Yes, you can useparis france to find Paris, France. And if you type inlas vegas, Bing Maps will zoom right to Las Vegas, Nevada. But if you meant Las Vegas, New Mexico—or Paris, Texas, for that matter—you’ll need to be more specific. Or, you can use a neat option that appears in the app bar after a location has been found: You’ll see a new More results button that will display other possibilities. (You can also use the Refine button to refine your search, or the Clear button to start over.)Getting Directions. Figure 10-12: Cartoonish avatars are now used to represent your Xbox LIVE identity online. [Картинка: i_353.jpg]. We recommend you do all three. (Be sure to keep the printed copy secure, in a safe perhaps.). Time stood still for a moment while I pondered this question. And though I replied,“To be fair, it’s padded with screenshots,” to laughs, the question hung in my mind for some time to come..