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In many ways, the decision comes down to need. A Windows RT device—like a tablet—will generally provide better battery life than an equivalent Intel-compatible device and come in a thinner and lighter form factor. Both can be turned into “full PCs” using a docking station and attached keyboard, mouse, screen, and other peripherals. Both can run virtually all Metro-style apps, but only the Intel-compatible machine will be capable of running legacy software designed for Windows.. While there are a number of ways to snap an app, the most reliable—and consistent across mouse and touch—is to use Switcher. Here’s how you do so using either the mouse or touch.. Various items can be pinned to the Start screen, such as Metro-style apps; Windows desktop applications; File Explorer and various Explorer-based locations, including folders, libraries, and the like; and websites.. Figure 5-24: Windows Update [Картинка: i_147.jpg]. If you’ve ever used a mobile browser before, you know that most support a cool, touch-based system in which you pinch the screen or double-tap the screen to zoom in to and out of specific areas of a web page. Not surprisingly, IE Metro supports these gestures too. And they make a big difference in the way you’ll read many web pages.. Figure 8-26: Search for e-mail from anywhere in Windows 8. [Картинка: i_254.jpg]. • Rep: This is your rep, or reputation score, on a scale of one to five. Every Xbox LIVE member starts with a rep of 3, but it can go up or down from there based on your experience (where the more you play, the higher the rep) and whether any other gamers complain about you online (the more you misbehave, the more people complain, and the more your rep declines).. The following two sections discuss how you can use PC Reset and PC Refresh, respectively. As you may recall, these tools are available from the Windows Recovery Environment, but also from PC Settings (in the Metro environment) and the Recovery control panel. Because these interfaces are simpler and easier to reach, you will often proactively use Push Button Reset, and not as the result of a calamity that renders your PC non-bootable. But you can always use these tools from WinRE if you prefer.Finding Push Button Reset (Metro Version). Figure 12-3: If you can’t or won’t use a Microsoft account, you can instead sign in to various app groups. [Картинка: i_396.jpg]. To enable the Guest account, select Manage another account from the main User Accounts control panel. Then, in the Manage Accounts screen, choose Guest. (Its icon will note that the Guest account is off.). Boot-Time Security. When you click OK (or Apply), you’ll be asked to make the change to the folder only (which includes all of its contained files) or to the folder and any of its subfolders and their contents. Windows will encrypt the appropriate items and immediately suggest that you back up your encryption certificate and key, which is required for recovery should you try to access the folder contents later via a different PC or future reinstall of Windows. Microsoft recommends backing these items up to removable media. But we’d go a step further and make copies in multiple places, including cloud storage like SkyDrive.. Users of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate could also download a free feature called XP Mode, which was essentially a copy of Windows XP that could only be used inside of Windows Virtual PC.. Thanks to the integration of its previously server-only hypervisor technology, Hyper-V, Windows 8 offers the same core virtualization features as does Windows Server 2012, albeit aimed at a few core scenarios. And it doesn’t stop there: Windows 8 also includes some interesting and useful virtualization integration features that really put this version over the top.. • Slide to drag: With some Windows 8 user experiences, you can tap and hold an item and then drag it to a new location on-screen by swiping your finger slowly in whatever direction you wish to go. This action, which is commonly used for rearranging tiles on the new Windows 8 Start screen, can be seen in Figure 3 and is similar to using a mouse to drag an item around..